About Us

Inspired by Children to Create a Company for Children

The Company's Founder spent her early years going to school in Germany. She fondly remembers her parents presenting her with what was known as a "Schultüte" (School Cone) on her very first day at school. It was filled with a range of exciting and practical items including stationery, books, toys, and not forgetting those lovely sweet treats!

Our Founder came from a long line of family members in Germany who celebrated their First Day at School in the same way. Here is a photo of her father celebrating his First Day at School in 1962.

Now a mother of three, her treasured memory, inspired her to set up, Kiddicone, a company in which she could share the joy of receiving these School Cones with other children, as well as her own.

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Featured in British Vogue (August 2017)



School Cones are historically and traditionally popular in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Recently the trend has spread as far as America, Australia, and Japan!